The perfect game

Big Blue at its best

Big Blue at its best

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We have a new Queen!!
Her name is Melanie Garate
On becoming the new Queen, Melanie displayed outstanding power and control in taking out the former Queen Jenny Qu in the Semis. In the finals she carried that same momentum against another young top player Crystal Ruiz defeating her 25-9. Crystal played extremely well throughout the tournament but came up short in the finals. Jessina Garate twin sister of Melanie was able to hold her own in
the other Semis, against Crystal in a tight battle where she fell short by one point 21-20 (Crystal). Congrats to all the women for playing and supporting this tournament. Please remember only you can make this tournament great. Let's make this Event even bigger next year!

Queen of the Courts Champions

2017- Melanie Garate
2015 Jenny Qu
2014 - Daneisha (Ruby) Lloyed
2004 - Brenda Pares
2001 - Karen McConney
2000 - Taraisha (Tee Tee) Simmons
1999 - Gladys Miranda
1998 - Gladys Miranda
1997 -Karen McConney
1996 - Rhonda Burchett

Long Live The Queen!

Days left till the next Queen Of The Courts!
Gatekeeper WS 2003
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